Sunday, June 28, 2009

Set on fire

I dont believe you, Are a liar,
I've set the empty bed on fire,
All the time spent together,
The understanding of unspoken,
It was a dream and i've been woken,
The beautiful moments of life shared,
Honestly they never cared,
I stand here to see and look,
For few missing pages of my book,
I've been greeted with silence,
All emotioons show signs of violence,
I've changed they argued everyday,
I used to . . . I would . . they say,
I may say a thousand words true,
Bottom line is i still have to pay,
Little do they know,
I lack the hope tonight,
Its the last blow,
Rage got me face to face with sanity,
A piece of my own sword,
Inflicted a wound on me,
I dont believe it has changed,
NO. How can it be,
You have made up your mind,
And you then turn blind, someday i'll find,
The missing pages of my book,
I love you, i'm not a liar,
On death bed lies all desires,
You set it on fire