Friday, December 12, 2008

Sprit Of MUMBAI ( Bombay ) My Home.

Mumbai Panoramic view Click on image to see larger image.



Thursday, December 11, 2008

2 Years and Now

My world sunk (blinded) in a disk of light,

The birght star engrossed my sight,

All my thoughts go round and round,

I can't escape from the orbit (love) found,

Girl lives in my cries,

In a flat raised high(dope) in sky,

Assasins eyes coloured red,

Blown bits of my mind far off spread,

I woke up in a fear of drowning, to see,

A star staring at me,

Steady and serene,

Your ever changing (betrayal) scene, 

A force of gravity pulls my mind,

out of the mud to the star in the sky,

Breaking through loves orbit flying Free,

To stand with the stars in eternity.


Sunday, November 30, 2008


January 26th - Earth Quake in Gujarat

December 26th - Tsunami

February 26th - Godhra riots

June 26th - Gujarat Floods

September 26th - Blasts in Ahmedabad

November 26th - Terror Attack in Mumbai

July 26th - Mumbai Floods

JULY 26TH MY BIRTHDAY. I'll be dead before you even know it.

In this time of hatred and destruction i am just askin for some love in return for love.

Is it a CRIME , FORGIVE ME if it is.



Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Inhumane Mumbai

Stray dogs are a part of our society.I believe DOGS  are the only creature that comes close to perfection. There is something quite extraordinary about living with creatures so different from us, creatures that are so deeply present in their lives , our lives and the society as a whole. 

Lalu, Kaalu ( 7 yr old), and Chotu ( 7 months old ), the dogs found grievously injured where some one had attacked them with a sharp object and tried to blind them. Two of these innocent animals have lost theie eyesight as their eyes were gouged out, jabbed with a sharp oblect, hit with a metal rod. Following the shock of losing his eyesight, LALU started walking haphazardly and banging into objects in his way. That is how he injured his nose and mouth.HOW HORRIBLE AND INHUMANE CAN A Human being be or is it really a Human Being as we call ourself I really ride the fence on this one.

This is is Beastliness."According to mental health professionals and international law enforcement agencies, perpetrators of violent acts against animals are repeat offenders who pose a serious threat not only to other animals, but to the community as a whole,"


In INDIA the culprit is booked under section 11 & sub-section 1(a) of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960. There is a fine (minimum) of Rs 10 to 50 under sub section 1(a) and Rs 25-100 under sub- section 1L or imprisonment of a term to 3 months or both. The culprit is also booked under section 428 of IPC for killing or maiming an animal of the value of Rs 10, and shall be punished with a jail term of up to two years.

Can we ask ourselves "why not the same treatment to the culprit" 

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

strictly speaking it can be 'justified' of course.. but I guess we're asking if the justification is moral or valid..We cannot treat the culprit under Humanitarian grounds. Such acts are totally beastly and animalistic if humans are to be superior. Its a shame.

It is very very depressing that we are a part of this inhumane society. What message are we  sending to society is to encourage such acts and on the other hand create the belief that preservation and conservation is important. That is immoral in the sense that one species will consciously create behavior to disrupt another.

Loving an animal like a dog broadens our boundaries. They unravel our social view and challenge the so called fact that humans are superior. something I find quite relieving because, frankly, if humans are the pinnacle of evolution, it's a pretty depressing prospect. Most of us  love animals because animals did not judge us. But given what we are doing to their - and our  environment and quality of life, We should certainly be judging ourselves.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

How this Resonates - Letter to my Friend

Dear Friend,

The fact that I find myself writing this letter leaves
a deep sense of helplessness for the fact that I know
that I do not understand you as a person. For all the
time that I have known you I always felt this zeal
that was in you, the zeal for truth, the strong
willpower and the straight thoughts. Now that you are
trying to change for the better or for the worst or
you may say as to ease the pain and feel better will
in turn compromise, and assault the lovely memories of
the remarkable person you were. I seriously feel that
there is no reason why you should alter your thoughts
and emotions they are perfectly natural and like I
said compliments your eyes. I tried to understand why
you become what you are now but I failed .I have
always felt that very strong person inside of you which
is still there as it resonates all the things around
such a change just doesn't equal that strength and
strong willpower.
Please be strong.
Life throws many
challenges some of them are be really mean, I think
sometimes we get caught up in looking for the visible
tangible things that cause it to happen. But if we
look more closely, it's God's hand at work.

All I wish for right now is to take your hand and make all your
problems melt away but I cannot do that because I ain't
no magician.

I don't want to give you advice because sometimes
I have given advices and it has been proved to be wrong
and that has made me miserable afterwards.

I know you are under pressure. Just don't take any major
decisions or make any major changes in your life until
it makes you feel better. You see buddy like you told
me that sometimes you get these bouts of anger and you
body starts trembling now that is a type of signal and
warning that it is sending out do not alter your
personality and also just do what you can right now so
please don't think too much about what you will do
I am not smart enough though getting smarter to handle my own problems real or imagined so please don't label this as advice.
Life is beautiful and I don't want you to be depressed whatever may be the reason. I pray that you will find relief from all the problem that you are facing. Just tell me what Ican do to help. Life is beautiful and I don't want you to be depressed whatever may be the reason.
I want you to know that I consider myself to be lucky to have
you as a friend.



Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Think and Think

Chaotic thoughts fill my mind

Spilling into the bottomless pit of some kind

Your thoughts gather in heaps

Sinking into subconcious deep