Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Inhumane Mumbai

Stray dogs are a part of our society.I believe DOGS  are the only creature that comes close to perfection. There is something quite extraordinary about living with creatures so different from us, creatures that are so deeply present in their lives , our lives and the society as a whole. 

Lalu, Kaalu ( 7 yr old), and Chotu ( 7 months old ), the dogs found grievously injured where some one had attacked them with a sharp object and tried to blind them. Two of these innocent animals have lost theie eyesight as their eyes were gouged out, jabbed with a sharp oblect, hit with a metal rod. Following the shock of losing his eyesight, LALU started walking haphazardly and banging into objects in his way. That is how he injured his nose and mouth.HOW HORRIBLE AND INHUMANE CAN A Human being be or is it really a Human Being as we call ourself I really ride the fence on this one.

This is is Beastliness."According to mental health professionals and international law enforcement agencies, perpetrators of violent acts against animals are repeat offenders who pose a serious threat not only to other animals, but to the community as a whole,"


In INDIA the culprit is booked under section 11 & sub-section 1(a) of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960. There is a fine (minimum) of Rs 10 to 50 under sub section 1(a) and Rs 25-100 under sub- section 1L or imprisonment of a term to 3 months or both. The culprit is also booked under section 428 of IPC for killing or maiming an animal of the value of Rs 10, and shall be punished with a jail term of up to two years.

Can we ask ourselves "why not the same treatment to the culprit" 

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

strictly speaking it can be 'justified' of course.. but I guess we're asking if the justification is moral or valid..We cannot treat the culprit under Humanitarian grounds. Such acts are totally beastly and animalistic if humans are to be superior. Its a shame.

It is very very depressing that we are a part of this inhumane society. What message are we  sending to society is to encourage such acts and on the other hand create the belief that preservation and conservation is important. That is immoral in the sense that one species will consciously create behavior to disrupt another.

Loving an animal like a dog broadens our boundaries. They unravel our social view and challenge the so called fact that humans are superior. something I find quite relieving because, frankly, if humans are the pinnacle of evolution, it's a pretty depressing prospect. Most of us  love animals because animals did not judge us. But given what we are doing to their - and our  environment and quality of life, We should certainly be judging ourselves.

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