Friday, July 31, 2009

Bringing back life to life.

At the cost of my own, I will regain,

They will not rest till I see her again,

I want that life back,

I hope to reclaim from the Kingdon Of GOD,

or from the deepest part of Hell,

I wish to bring her back from the ashes will rise,

Will mould from the melted wax,

Shape it with my own hands,

A place where time stops,

Celestial lightblinds all senses,

I'm there at the muddy banks,

The spirited calmness like at the river bed,

The soul purified by the light divine,

Body purified by fire,

The vast empty space like a parched land inside me,

An ocean of tears less,

I stand alone inside myself,

Waiting bound by time,

My eyes they will not rest,

they do not tire,

I see with my eyes closed.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Holding on to hope

Every single morning i wake up to prayers,

holding on to the simran,

with expectations in my eyes , 

Tears pouring from the skies,

Each day i pray,

To the god inside me ,

Holding on to hope,

faith is the Bird that sings when its the darkest,

Truth has no definition,

False, Fake, allegations.