Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Overloaded souls drag on. Shed some of it before it eats you inside out.

Ever wondered about the dark side of love ? Well the funny thing is that it is rarely exists in hate . Its like hot and cold . You know how heat can be measured and its just the absence of heat that is called cold. A drop in temperature that is. The degree of hot or heat or temperature can be measured because it is a quantity.
So my friend hate has no love but the deepest of love has some hate. Yes it is true. many of us have faced it.

Passion swings both ways.

To what extent can a person go to defy the one person they love or is it love at all.
Its a reverse psychology.
It gives immense pleasure when you know the person loves you to an extent that he/ she is not going anywhere .
Enjoy the position its your interests over their interests.

The only way out that I see here is total renunciation of all desires. They'll hate you for this but trust me its the last step , difficult but one has to rise above. cease your senses before they become numb . Your senses have no value. To understand the value of emotions you need to get over it. I choose not to feel but to know the right path.

I'll go to sleep with a heavy heart tonight for now until I attain nirvana.