Thursday, February 26, 2015

Drop Anchor !!

Ever feel ugly inside
Like a utility ship
Voyage only seaside
Yearning for the vast ocean
Final voyage, no motion

Anchor on board
Anchor chain missing
Anxious  agitation drifting
Alas the RIGHT wind
Against the ocean currents

Ship has been used
Coastal voyage and abused
Never to the open sea
Little did it see, the anchor gone was a symbol.
Open ocean never before
Don't wait motionless shore .

Friday, February 13, 2015

May be more than imagined !

Do the right thing in life
Feel the blessings
Love the simple smile

How you imagined what the price
You may be wrong
That's not nice

Can there be blood on your hands
Or just the pain of living apart
No you don't have the magic wand

How  do you wash the stain
Look at your hands
Under the shower or the t rain

What do you intend to gain
Peace of soul body mind
Will the story play out  
I promise life will rewind.

There will be none
None to serve
No love
No peace when you rest
All the best

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Back to the place we last met! 22

Emotions spread across the sky
Eyes subdued, mind High*
Days black , nights blue
What is stopping you ?

Inside crunched, pulse raw
Hazed gaze , such rage ?
Moments needed few
Don't let ego stop you .

Hear the mountain speak
Why not become weak?
Heard the river below shout
Fold hand, stop the bout,

The dry leaves create a scene
Not me a king, you my queen.
The gentle breeze, the leaves utter
Let the hearts flutter.

Serene horizon they mock
Buried promise under the rock
A word will resonate in the hills
Let this be
My prayers against your will.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Prayer - No one else but you !

I am a seeker I seek 
I pursue peace 
I am a single leaf 
In the sublime creek

Help me stand the dance of desire
open my eyes to see the fire
I wont get water for my thirst
only poison but I need you first . 

Give me the strength to see her 
I want pain to flow through me 
Only one? and with other 

If only I have your grace
Wahe Guru! Wahe Guru!

Monday, February 9, 2015

This is what my father said ...-

Revelation Under Water

The master's softly spoken words wafted
To the disciple's eager ears
If you are a true truth seeker
Then come with me to the river
Where you'll  dip your head under water
And let me help keep you down
As long as you can.

The  disciple has to but follow
The master to the slippery bank
Muddy and slushy: they had to hold hands
Their bare feet emitting
Cork-opening sounds as their
Their heels came off the sticky ground.

Wading waist deep in water
The disciple dipped his head
And let his master place his hand
Lightly over his head
As if to help him drown.

For long he held his breath
As the master's hand remained in its place.
How could he come out of the water?
What if he dies of suffocation?
He recollected his yoga training
Life after death; death after life
He saw the image of his mother
Calling him from him somewhere far
The image of his one time lover
Sprang up from nowhere
Come out of the water!
Come into my arms!
He shuddered at the thought
Of the past rushing back
He had left all that to seek
The elusive truth slipping through his hands
Like the streaming  moonbeams
I can't bear it any longer
Are there tears in his eyes?
May be not; but he's not afraid
He has to live to search
For what? The precious air...

He pushed his head out of water
Against the gentle pressure of his
Master's hand; he did not need to exert
Any great strength to come out.
He gasped and drew in the air: long
Breaths of relief, which soon turned to
Bewilderment at his master’s behavior.

Smiling the master looked at his face
He knew at once what he wanted to know
"What did you want most dearly
When your head was under water?”
The angry disciple replied, “Why air, only air".
The master smiled and said, "If you desire for  God
In that way; He shall surely come to you.”

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Words Words

Here In your own words / Helped  me understand how different people react. No one can make us angry, we decide to use anger as a response .

"Love is the flower - you've got to let grow." - John Lennon

Some search for it
Some achieve it
Some deny it's existence
Some, lose it.

And when love is creates havock

"Things base and vile, holding no quantity, Love can transpose to form and dignity. Love looks not with the eye, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind." - William Shakespeare

Following from a friend

Following from a friend: 


Hey Bro,

I am really worried about you, I know that you are very much heart-broken these days. In real I can’t imagine you in such condition, I can only suggest you to be patient and strong enough to cross this crucial phase of life. Always remember that life never stops, it goes on. As I told you one of the best quote Life will knock us down, but we can choose whether or not to stand back up, Now you have to stand back up, I believe you are not a loser, remember you are very much capable to grow in future, you have better ideas, So now you have to focus and work hard, not to prove anything to others but only for you, believe me it will really make you happy.

Please don’t assume the things, as you are not very much sure, because these thoughts will cripple you if you let them, also don’t keep hope that things will come back, and don’t call or message, as I can see the situation has turned bad. You can occupy yourself with Gym, work, good thoughts etc.

You are not alone, we all are there with you, so don't loose your confidence, make yourself occupied with other things, plan for Greece, also read inspirational quotes, it will definitely help you in reducing the intensity of this pain.

We are always there with you, feel free to call me anytime.

I know you can beat this, God Bless you always, All the Best!!


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Random bout of anger

Strangle those thoughts
Smoke up the love
Lets set free the dove
Conquerors of golden city of love
To get the senses regained
Mad man travels
Enigma of attraction
Will not be unravelled
I have been cursed over again
Truth cant be hidden
Lines on my palm have it written

Monday, February 2, 2015

Letter to my Dearest friend

Dearest friend, 

-- I hope this letter find you on a day filled with happiness and sunshine. I took a lot of time writing this letter as I wanted to be absolutely honest with myself and then only I could be honest with you. I wish I could take your pain away, my dear friend. I wish I could take your hand and make it all go away and leave you with the life you want. But I can’t. So here I offer a few thoughts for you. Maybe this will be helpful. I don’t know.
When I think about you as a person I feel that You are beautiful and brave, and you are stronger than you know, even though sometimes you forget that but you give so much love to the people around you, and I've been lucky to be around so many years.
This I have to say
What kind of person I am where I would doubt a genuine person like you. That is the worst thing to do. You have been an open book yet I have not been able to understand you completely. You are a woman you have your ways. But if I am not able to see the most simple of things then certainly there is something wrong with me. I have realized that. Your friends i have immense respect and I know and strongly believe is your source of happiness and outside world which is very important for a healthy mind. It happens a lot these days and i see it, even when you think I can’t.
Only a very lousy person would not make an effort to be with a woman like you. I failed to see one thing that there was that you were sad.  There are some people out there, who understand your exact pain, and there are people who just understand pain enough to care and listen and love.

Since the time you moved back to the farm life has been all work for you. There must have been a million times that you felt what i believe and I will repeat once again that you always have been and  i have seen the zeal for truth inside of you that resonates all thing around including me as you are around me. Now that you are trying to change for the better or for the worst or you may say as to ease the pain and feel better will in turn compromise and assault the lovely memories of the remarkable person that you are. Such a change does not equal the strength and strong will power.
Many a time I have seen you making me smile even in the darkest hour and only a brave and courageous woman knows how to do that with such grace.

We are of a certain age now. And I realize that when I find myself telling myself to respect your decision.

On my work
I yawn a lot and don’t remember stuff. I run around like a dog chasing its tail. I have managed to keep my work separate from my personal life. Even though sometimes I found it to be hard and some of the tension spilled in and ruined the peace. I have learnt it the hard way. I have quit drinking I drink only twice a week and I must say I enjoy drinking but I have controlled it.

On my fears
There is a lack of understanding between people sometimes on how death, loss, and separation, experiences impact lives. They are not all embittering, as we might believe. If life is a context for living life with your loved ones, and I believe it is; we just happen to learn a great deal more from what is difficult, than from what is not. I had dug myself a hole. And I fell in it. Mine however was in my mind, I had dug this hole over years and I confess that this is not a vacuum but a hole in my mind. I have finally managed to climb out far enough to get a footing. I have realized that the proper way to have pain is to sit with it, to feel it, to let it hurt a little, to let it work its way through us and become part of us, because that’s how we become better people and this I have learned from you.:-)

On hating the wicked witch: You
You always foil my plans. When I speak to you or when I meet you, when I am all by myself and I look up to the many people around me and think about you. I realize that Life has been as difficult for you as mine, and that you sometimes had the bigger share of tears. My heart immediately softens. Sometimes I plan to hate you. Why are you ruining my plans wicked witch?
Life is beautiful and I don't want you to be depressed whatever may be the reason. I pray that you will find relief from all the problem that you are facing. Just tell me what I can do to help. Life is beautiful and I don't want you to be depressed whatever may be the reason.
I don’t know if my letters helps, maybe  not right now, but later. Anyway, I’m here for you, just like you’re here for me. And again, I’m so sorry.I too can be soft when you wrap your arms around me and squeeze for a genuine and loving hug when we see each other.
I want you to know that I consider myself to be lucky to have you as a friend.
Precious .
God bless you. I love you.