Monday, February 9, 2015

This is what my father said ...-

Revelation Under Water

The master's softly spoken words wafted
To the disciple's eager ears
If you are a true truth seeker
Then come with me to the river
Where you'll  dip your head under water
And let me help keep you down
As long as you can.

The  disciple has to but follow
The master to the slippery bank
Muddy and slushy: they had to hold hands
Their bare feet emitting
Cork-opening sounds as their
Their heels came off the sticky ground.

Wading waist deep in water
The disciple dipped his head
And let his master place his hand
Lightly over his head
As if to help him drown.

For long he held his breath
As the master's hand remained in its place.
How could he come out of the water?
What if he dies of suffocation?
He recollected his yoga training
Life after death; death after life
He saw the image of his mother
Calling him from him somewhere far
The image of his one time lover
Sprang up from nowhere
Come out of the water!
Come into my arms!
He shuddered at the thought
Of the past rushing back
He had left all that to seek
The elusive truth slipping through his hands
Like the streaming  moonbeams
I can't bear it any longer
Are there tears in his eyes?
May be not; but he's not afraid
He has to live to search
For what? The precious air...

He pushed his head out of water
Against the gentle pressure of his
Master's hand; he did not need to exert
Any great strength to come out.
He gasped and drew in the air: long
Breaths of relief, which soon turned to
Bewilderment at his master’s behavior.

Smiling the master looked at his face
He knew at once what he wanted to know
"What did you want most dearly
When your head was under water?”
The angry disciple replied, “Why air, only air".
The master smiled and said, "If you desire for  God
In that way; He shall surely come to you.”

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