Sunday, March 8, 2009

In My Memories Lives Her entity.

13th of January 2005.

She survives in my memories and comes masked to me as my dreams. I hope she is happy where ever she is .

I saw her there where she left me,

Where the truth stood still,

A place near the muddy banks,

In her painting beside the hills,

Today time stops for her and me,

Our world goes falling free,

Life moves on as the memories fade,

Promises are broken and new ones made,

My tired mind still thinks,

Overworked and is on the brink,

Fading memories come back in flashes,


It becomes very tough to face it with grace and dignity,

In my memories lives her entity.


Rahul said...

God Bless ......

wretched muse said...

Memories hold something that is lost, let go and u'll be owe it to yourself.