Thursday, March 19, 2009

peace plea: verbal remedy

How much time before its peace,

Maintained a dignified silence,

Of persistance verbal voilence,

The reality cut my existance,

For what it is worth,

Together lets come forth,

Friendship does have limits,

When we crash the zone of comfort,

We cant take back once said,

Or can we,

They said the worlds round,

We are standing on shaky grounds,

It'll come back to us around,

spinning the wheels of destiny,

For the future lets save a penny,

I speak only the words of the world,

Behind falling walls I hide,

With all my senses tied,

4 years rolled past fast,

It is irrespective of time,

You are my "one gold dime",

Close your eyes to see,

Things that raged of late,

I might just wait,

At heavens gate.




Peace. Please ( with folded hands )

1 comment:

max said...

peace is what the world needs. keep blogging banz.all the best